Many home staging courses are rarely updated since they were written more than ten years ago. Or they were created by people who never had a home staging business.


As a result, the traditional home staging courses:

  • Focus on the basic, soft business stuff that barely scratches the surface.

  • Only show you limited, cookie-cutter business models.

  • Don't teach you the importance of profit margins, so you chase revenue goals blindly like a hamster on the wheel. You feel exhausted and still barely made any money.

  • Give you superficial strategies that don't prepare you enough for real-life problems.

  • Teach you outdated marketing techniques that don’t serve your business well.

  • Use the same cookie-cutter website templates for all of their students, so your potential clients cannot differentiate you from another graduate because both of your businesses look very similar.

  • Worse, many of these template websites from training schools are poorly SEOed. Many are not mobile-friendly, which Google no longer indexes.

Worst of all, you just spent $THOUSANDS and still don't know how to get clients consistently.

You have zero strategies and zero ideas.

How do I know this? Because new graduates from these programs email me all the time. They ask:

  • What do I do when clients cancel on me last minute? I already spent all this money on new inventory for the job.

  • What do I say when clients say I am too expensive?

  • One of my movers accidentally broke the door frame when moving the couch in, what should I do?

  • How do I charge clients?

  • Do I need insurance? Why?

  • How do I get inventory when I have no money?

  • What should be in my home staging contract?