Think of This Course As
A Home Staging Business in the Box

I designed the 6-Figure Floor Plan to be the course that I wish existed when I was a new stager. I found the traditional home staging courses were not enough once I got out in the real world. The concepts covered were too general and I didn’t have a strong foundation to run a successful business. I had my home staging certifications but I felt very unready taking on new clients. I struggled for a long time to truly build a home staging business I enjoyed.

I had made so many mistakes in my business life! Some were very costly, and some almost broke me. And they could’ve been avoided. While I regret nothing, I don’t want others to suffer like I did.

This course is designed that once you finished the course, you should have all of your necessary systems, workflow, scripts, templates and resources to run and grow your home staging business. I shared all my experiences and hacks in this course, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.