What One of Our Students Got Out of This Course

Donna 6-Figure Floor Plan Student Testimonial

We will share with you what one of our students, Donna of Lemon-Lime Home Design had achieved by taking this course. 💪

Donna had taken a different home-staging training course and received her certification a year before she found this program, and launched her business right after. She got a few jobs but knew she still had a lot of room for improvement. Here’s what she said about it in her own words.

With our help, Donna was able to

  • put together a confident, empowered presentation for a group of real estate investors

  • identified her financial and business needs to create pricing and policies she felt great about

  • avoided some costly shopping mistakes

  • began to create a social media presence online (something she’d struggled with in the past)

  • She also found a great insurance provider and the perfect lawyer for her needs!

This course is designed to help you establish all of your necessary tools to build and grow your home staging business. Once you had completed the course, you can download a logo badge for your marketing materials and your website. You will also have a choice to receive a Certificate of Completion.