Before 6-Figure Floor Plan

  • You have no idea who your ideal clients are and where to find them, so you take anyone who breathes.

  • You feel like finding the ideal client is a myth, like a rainbow unicorn.

  • You go on hundreds of estimates that go nowhere.

  • You are not sure exactly what to charge clients, and you are scared that you will price yourself out of the business.

  • You have things missing in the contract that open yourself up for liabilities and loss of income.

  • It’s a struggle getting a big fat YES! from potential clients.

  • You don’t have a marketing system. You completely forget about marketing once you got busy, then the phone stopped ringing again.

  • You don’t know how to say no to clients, so you say yes to giving them a discount.

After 6-Figure Floor Plan

  • You know exactly what kind of clients you want and where to find them.

  • You can create marketing campaigns tailored to your ideal customers’ needs.

  • You create a client experience that keeps clients coming back, so you don’t have to work as hard to get new clients.

  • You understand how to make money work in your business and what profitability means.

  • You have a solid contract that acts like a bodyguard, like The Mountain in Game of Thrones.

  • You feel more confident answering client questions and objections so that you hear more YES!

  • You have set up the framework for your marketing & operation systems, where you can rinse and repeat with ease.

  • You know exactly what to say to clients when they say the darndest things.

  • You are now super clear about your business model and goals. You also know how to handle inventory if you choose to have it.