Modern & Practical Home Staging Business Training: 6-Figure Floor Plan

Free LIVE training for home stagers :

4 simple & effective strategies for marketing smarter and get consistent stream of clients

Tuesday, October 15 | 12pm PST


Join me LIVE on October 15th | 12pm PST.

The FREE training starts in…


Ever wondered what are the key things that you can do to market your home staging business and get good ROI?

If you are new to the home staging business, how can you convince prospective clients that you are talented and worth their consideration?

Do you feel frustrated about selling yourself? That it feels so hard? You are not sure how you can fill out your pipeline with hot leads and get more home staging projects.

DURING THIS FREE TRAINING, i am going to teach you 4 simple & effective strategies for marketing smarter, GET MORE CONSISTENT CLIENTS, WITH GOOD ROI 🙌

These techniques are targeted, actionable and can be systemized so that your marketing efforts are more efficient, targeted and can save you headaches 🤕 and money 💸.

During the free training, you will learn:

  1. Why many home stagers’ marketing fail and what you can do to one-up your competitors

  2. The quickest way to establish your credibility as a home stager in the market, even if you are new to the local real estate scene or have no network in selling real estate

  3. How to get your home staging business found on page 1 of Google

  4. The one seemingly old-fashioned tool that will get you more home staging project leads than anything else 


There will be a live Q&A that answers your staging questions during our 1.5 hours together.

There will be a replay available for a limited time if you cannot attend the free online training,
BUT only if you signed up!

Yes, Sign Me Up!

As someone who had ran a 6-figure home staging business for 10+ years and now teaching home staging internationally, I get a lot of emails asking:

“I had already tried X, Y, Z. They didn’t work! I don’t understand why isn’t my marketing working? I am not getting clients!”

I know it’s frustrating! You are investing all these time, efforts and 💰💰💰 but you are not seeing the return on investment. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way! Marketing doesn’t have to feel HARD.

You don’t have to be swimming in a sea of dolla dolla bills to successfully market your home staging business. 🏊‍♀️

You don’t have to pound the pavement, knock on every door to get leads. 👠

And you don’t have to send a newsletter every week. 📬


Join me and learn the 4 tried-and-true marketing techniques that can get you more home staging work 🙌

Staged4more School of Home Staging Press
Cindy Lin, founder of Staged4more School of Home Staging

Cindy Lin, founder of Staged4more School of Home Staging

Hey! 👋

I am Cindy Lin, a home staging educator, the host of The Home Staging Show podcast and a photographer working internationally.

I started my home staging business Staged4more when I was 25 in my parents’ garage. Several years later, we were a 6-figure home staging business with consistent clients, with no employees and did no marketing except having a website, working out of a 5,800 square feet commercial warehouse.

Now, Staged4more is an international online school of home staging, where we offer paid business courses for home stagers plus offering lots of free resources for stagers and home sellers on our blog and podcast.

Before I put together this free training, I culled through a lot of frequently asked questions about marketing to home sellers and real estate agents. I took all your questions and broke them down into these four strategies that I will be sharing during the free training.

None of these techniques are theories. They are tried-and-true strategies from real-life working experiences.

I am so excited to share with you what I have learned in my years of staging and all that I’ve learned interviewing top experts in the real estate and home staging industry.